Because you may have some questions

2. enter your email
3. Press Submit
4. You will get an email with a password reset link (expires after 6 hours)
5. goto that link and enter your email address and new password
6. click change password
7. Congratulations, you have successfully changed your password.

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Sorry, you can not :(
This website is only for current and previous students of BUET.
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1. Take a clear photograph of the backside of your student id.

Like this one

Not like this

2. Goto This link http://pl-tutorials.com/register and fill up the form carefully.

3.  If everything  goes right then you will see this message 

4. After submitting the form please check your mail (spam folder also if needed) for your login details.
5. If you still face any problem then send a message here.

1.If you are a student of current batch, then you can open an account by going here.

2. If you are an alumnus, then please send a message here to open your account.

3. If you a foreign student of BUET then please send a message here  to open your account.

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